What did you read this year?

So, the school year is winding down!  What did you read this year?  What did you like?  What didn’t you like? Do you have a book to recommend?  Is there a book you want to read?

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5 thoughts on “What did you read this year?

  1. I read A Long Walk To Water, I liked it because of Salva and how he went through a tough life in Sudan. I dindt like how we stopped at a good book because it kept us hanging at a good part. I recommend A Long Walk To Water.

  2. “Long Walk to Water”- I enjoied the book
    “Crossing The Wire”- Book was ok
    ” Hunger Games”- Nice
    I would recommend Hunger games because i enjoied it as did many others i have heard.
    only bad part for all books were that they were time consuming.

  3. “Long Walk to Water”- great book
    “Island”- nice book
    “Blind Side”- book was amazing
    i would recommend the book Blind Side because it is much better then the movie.

  4. This year i read “A Long Walk To Water”. I liked it sometimes and then i didn’t like it. I liked how at the end Salva help his country because he knew that they weren’t doing to good. Then i didn’t like how in the middle Salva’s uncle got shot while they were on their journey.

    I would recommend this book because it was a good book.

  5. This year i read Long Walk to Water. I liked that there was more then one story in that book. i didn’t like how they put one article and then the second article right after because it got really confusing.

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