World History


Comparing World Religions

Introducing World Religions

Click on the following link to access the crash course video about your religion.


Greco-Roman Achievements:

Rome & Han Comparison

Use the following link to research info and compare Greece and Rome

The Dark Ages:

The Byzantine Empire


The Renaissance:

 The Reformation:

Use the following link to access the article explaining how the Reformation changed Europe.

Sunni/Shi’a Comparison


Age of Exploration:

Use the following link to complete the assignment “European Explorers”.

Explorer Research

Europe: Worst to First


Virtual Tour of Versailles

Enlightenment leading to Revolution:

Watch the following crash course videos to gain an understanding of how enlightenment thought lead to revolution.  Which Enlightenment thinkers/writers were mentioned in the videos?


Napoleon/Congress of Vienna:

Congress of Vienna



Industrial Revolution:,1,Slide 1





Germany finally pays off reparations…in 2010!



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