Rose Wilder Lane! :)

Rose Wilder was born on December 5, 1886, in De Smet, Dakota Territory. She was the first child of Almanzo and Laura Ingalls. Laura, her mother, also had her own diary that she wrote in. Later, Rose edited the diary and published as “On the Way Home”. Just like Laura at Plum Creek Rose was a “Country Girl”. In 1993 Rose went to live with her aunt “Eliza Jane” to complete high school, she graduated high school in 1904. Later on, she became a reporter for the American Red Cross. BYE!

Oliver Hyde’s Dishcloth Concert

Last week in class we read the story Oliver Hyde’s Dishcloth Concert. It is about a man named Oliver Hyde who has been hiding in his house since his wife died, as well as breaking his fiddle. In the story he plays fiddle at a wedding. But the first wedding turns out to be fake (Good thing to since he purposely played awful). That is when Oliver learns his lesson. He then attends the real wedding and plays the sweetest fiddle he has ever played.