Moving on!

Hello! Next year I will be moving to middle school, I am excited, but also I am very impatient. I have to go through the WHOLE summer to get there. The summer actually isn’t all that bad, I enjoy doing a lot of camps and having a break from school. Also I will be traveling to San Diego! YAY! I cant wait for middle school and a GREAT summer! Hope you enjoy your summer too. 🙂

Hello and Goodbye….

Hi, we know we haven’t posted in SO long! Today is our last G.T class at M.E.S! This will be the last post that we will post! The soon to be 5th graders will post on this blog! This year has been FULL of fun activities and fun books to read! We will miss this place a lot.

This summer we are going to Maine for the 4th of July. There will be a big celebration there that goes all day long! We will also go to Acadia national park to hike around. I’ve heard it very pretty there!

In middle school, my GT project will be about raising awareness for global warming! It is a very big effect on the world! FAREWELL!



We are excited for middle school. But, to get there you have to go through summer! I will be traveling to Mount Desert Island, Maine to get to Bar Harbor. After that, it is time for middle school. In middle school, my project for GT will be about ending poverty in Africa. We might do a blog in school. I don’t know. BYE!

First Year Final Notes

Thank you for looking at our blog this year! I hope you have enjoyed it. Any comments please place in the comments section. The 4th graders will take this over next year. I have no idea if it will be good. BYE!