New Years Resolutions!!!!!!!

Sorry that we haven’t been on the blog lately. It’s the New Year, and it means new year’s resolutions! We are so exited for the new year and we would like to share some of our resolutions with you! The first new years resolution is to eat more healthy foods and not to doodle during class! The second resolution is to check over my work and turn it in on time. At home I am trying to spend less time on my ipad. Our last resolution is to help people in STEM and/or ELA.


Tell use about your New Year’s Resolution! 🙂



A Game of Catch- Author’s story

The author of the story: A Game of Catch is Richard Wilbur. He has won the poet laureate award of New York and The Library of Congress in 1987, which at that time, was only the second one. He has also won the Pulitzer Prize in 1957 and 1989 as well as the Robert Frost Medal in 1996. He is a graduate of Amherst  and Harvard colleges. He is currently teaching at Amherst College.

Halloween Costumes!!!!

Hi! Today we will be telling you about Halloween crafts and costumes. The first thing that we will talk about is costumes. We will tell you by using the step- by step process!  The easiest one is LOW BUDGET MAN. You simply need a trash bag and duct tape, tie the bag to your shirt. (doesn’t matter what outfit color you wear) Then write in duct tape (ON THE TRASH BAG) LBM or LOW BUDGET MAN and your costume is complete! The next costume we will teach you how to do is a super hero. (Choose a super hero you like) What you need is a blank shirt you don’t like and get felt of the colors on the super hero logo. Also get scissors and a hot glue gun (make sure you have adult supervision) Take the shirt and cut off the front and the sleeves then cut the super hero design out of the felt and put hot glue on it and place the felt on the cut shirt. Then make a mask out of the extra felt and your done!

Idiom: This place is a ghost town                                        (remember if you want more costume ideas leave a comment)

Hello Friends

Hello people of the world, we are three 5th graders from Mechanicsville Elementary School! This is our first post ever on this blog! We will give you fun crafts to do and good advice. We will also give you a bi-weekly idiom! You can tell us what the definition of the idiom is in the comments! 🙂

Idiom: Spill the beans



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