Answers!…Sofia & Sasa from Ms. Adams’/Wallick’s class wants to know…

Why is there a circle mark on the top of the eggs?

Valerie and Caitlynn from Mrs. Will’s class said “We put a circle on the top to mark the air sac.  That end goes up so.  The air sac is very important – when the chick is ready to hatch, it will break into the air sac and be able to breath.”  source:  ThinkPort

Will all of the eggs hatch?

No.  Some of the eggs may not be fertilized so nothing will grow in those eggs.

Do different color eggs make different chicks?

Sophia and James Jackson from Mrs. Will’s class said “Different color chicken eggs mean different breeds.  Like Ameraucana chickens lay a pale blue egg and Cornish hens lay light brown.”  source:

In prior years, Breezy Willow Farm told us that they have many breeds including Ameraucana’s, Leghorns (white egg), and Delaware (peach eggs).  source:  Farmer Casey.

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