More Qs (from Ms. Adams/Wallick’s class) and As…

How many eggs are there and where did they come from?

Anna and Joseph from Mrs. Will’s class said “We have 36 eggs.  The eggs came from Breezy Willow Farm.  We put them in the incubator on April 29th.”

Have any eggs hatched?  How long until they hatch?

Kara and Nick in Mrs. Will’s class said “We haven’t had any of them hatch but we hope to have them hatch next week.  It takes 21 days in the incubator.  They also might hatch early.”  source: 4H Speaker

Once the eggs hatch, what happens to the chicks?

Sydney and Liam from Mrs. Will’s class said “The chicks stay in the incubator for a couple hours.  But they aren’t very lively because it takes a lot of energy to get out of the eggs.”

Can you tell whether the eggs are boy or girl baby chicks?

Durienne and Rebecca from Mrs. Will’s class said “You can not figure out if the chick is a boy or a girl when they are in the egg.  You can after a chicken is hatched when they are older by a red patch on the head or if it has a spur growing on the back of it’s legs.”  source:

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