The Peep Project is a Big 6 authentic research project that is being completed by the 4th graders at Freedom Elementary School.  The students are utilizing the Big 6 process to learn how to take care of chicken eggs and peeps.  It breaks down into the following 6 steps:
  • Task Definition  (What do we need to find out?) – learn how to take care of chicken eggs and peeps
  • Information Seeking Strategiesonline databases in Media and Media books
  • Location and Access
  • Use of Information
  • Synthesis/Putting It All Together
  • Evaluation

If our students can learn how to use this information problem-solving strategy, they will be able to handle any assignment or problem.

Our eggs came from Breezy Willow Farm, a local CSA.  They are from some of their heritage chickens.  With the help of our incubator and 4th graders, we hope to hatch some chicks for the farm.
Keep checking this blog for questions posted by other grades in the school, and answers posted by our 4th grade experts.  Our 4th graders will also post information, pictures, and video of the action.