Citelighter is an engaging online platform designed to support students as they tackle the much-maligned research paper. Students simply¬†sign up, download the Citelighter toolbar, create a project, and then move on to their preferred search engines. As students select articles from the Web, the toolbar follows them;¬†when they’ve found a useful excerpt, students need only highlight it and click Capture. Citelighter saves the citation and automatically creates a bibliography. We have only approved the free version. Students under 13 must not use this website until after consent has been obtained from their parents or legal guardians. All consents must be kept on file at the school and parents must be given access to the terms of use and privacy policy. When students under 13 register they will be required to give a parent email address as part of the process. For students under 18, parents should review the terms and privacy policy with their student.