Updated List of Approved Web-Based Tools

The new CCPS Student Data Privacy Policy requires that any instructional tool that provides a 3rd party any student Personally Identifiable Information and/or requires a student or teacher account must be reviewed to ensure students’ privacy.  The Instructional Technology Team is currently re-reviewing all previously approved tools to determine their compliance with this new policy.  The “ABC List of Tools” page has now been revised to reflect the up-to-date changes to previously approved tools.  Please take time to review the page and ensure that you are following any new guidelines for each tool.  This page will be updated monthly with any changes to the list of approved tools.  Tools that are still pending re-review will appear at the bottom of the chart with their current guidelines.  There are also new guidelines that address whether teachers may grade content that is generated and/or stored within the online tool.  More information can be found at:  ABC List of Tools.