About the ITT Resource Website

This site provides information, resources and best practices for integrating approved web-based tools; and the most common hardware, software and other technologies into the CCPS classroom.  It is critical that teachers and instructional staff visit this site often for updates. Alternately, if you subscribe to the site, you will receive an automatic email when new information is added.  The materials on this site have been prepared by the Department of Curriculum and Instructional Resources Instructional Technology Team under the leadership and direction of Kathleen Brunnett, Supervisor of Library Media, for the students, teachers and staff in our school district.

Use the links at the top of the page to navigate through the site. In addition, you may find the tag cloud on the side to be helpful in locating posts by categories. Once you click on a label in the tag cloud, all of the posts within the category will appear.

If you do not see a resource that you would like to use, Carroll County Public Schools has developed a process for requesting technology for instructional use including the use of web-based instructional tools and peripheral devices.  Please review the site for a list of supported and approved instructional technology tools to be used in the classroom with students. In addition, the Technology Services Portal “Tech Purchases” tab contains other standards including a Technology Purchases Guide. If you are interested in exploring the use of technology not found in these locations, please enter your request into the Technology Request System (available via the Intranet in the TS Portal) to have it reviewed.  An online tool that requires user accounts, “click accept” to terms of use, allows for students accounts, and/or provides means for online collaboration or upload of student work are tools that require very careful review.  In an age of digital access to resources and emerging technologies, this process and resource site are designed to assist staff in identifying and accessing new digital resources in a manner that provides safe and secure learning environments.

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The team:

Supervisor of Library Media:

Kathleen Brunnett: ksbrunn@carrollk12.org

Coordinators of Curriculum and Instructional Resources:

Terry Duryea: tadurye@carrollk12.org

Kelly Hammond: kkhammo@carrollk12.org

Adam Weller: aawelle@carrollk12.org