General Tools

Updated:  October 24, 2017

This page provides a listing of many approved web-based tools that may or may not require an account. When a request is made for an online tool that requires setting up student accounts, or when a teacher creates an account and uses an online tool with students, the terms of use and privacy information must be carefully examined to ensure compliance with the CCPS Student Data Privacy Policy, Regulations and Guidelines in order to protect the privacy and safety of our students. This process protects not only our students, but also our staff  to ensure that they know how best to safely use an approved tool.  For additional information about privacy concerns and Web 2.0 learning environments, please click here. If there is a tool that is not on the list that you would like to submit for review, you may use the Technology Request Center to enter a request.

The table below will be updated on a monthly basis beginning in November, 2015 to reflect the current status of many instructional web-based tools, software, and websites. The top portion of the chart show what resources have been re-reviewed with additional information as to how to safely use the tool. Staff is expected to read the short description and the recommended guidelines and comply with any requirements before using a tool.  Prior to beginning any classroom projects that incorporate web based tools, you may need to obtain parent permission (see below) and explain to parents how the online tool will be used in class.  Here is a sample letter than can be edited for your own needs:  CCPS Web 2.0 letter Example

The newly reviewed tools include the following information:

Account Type: * (S) (T) Web-based tools approved for student and teacher accounts.
* (T) Teacher accounts only – teachers may share or display content to students from these sites, but students are not to input any personally identifiable information if tool allows for user interaction.Teachers should not upload or input any student information on these sites.
* (T, S No Student PII) Teacher accounts that may allow for the creation of student accounts but teachers must not use any student personally identifiable information in the creation of a student account.
* (Installed) Downloadable software that has been approved for installation on CCPS computers. Place a Helpdesk call if  multiple computers need the software.
* (N/A) Tool does not require an account and is available for all users.
Description/Link of Web-based Tool A brief description of the tool with a link to the tool or to a page with more information within this site.
Content May Be Used for a Grade If Yes, teachers may affix a grade to content created by students within the tool or grade student content created by the tool. Teachers should retain the graded digital files.
If No, teachers are not to grade any student content created within the tool unless they are able to retain a copy of the graded work to produce to justify the grade, or unless the content is used as a supporting artifact in conjunction with a scoring tool or rubric.
Parent Permission Required No if permission is not required, Yes if required, Yes, under 13, etc. age at which parent permission is required.
ES, MS, HS Tool appropriate or available for Elementary School, Middle School or High School level.


Recently Re-Reviewed Tools
under the CCPS Student Data Privacy Policy


Description/Link of Web-based Tool

Content May Be Used for a Grade

 Parent Permission Required




T Amazon Inspire – Open Educational Resource that has been identified by MSDE as the repository for the state OER. Teachers may search for vetted, standards-based resources to support instruction. N/A Teacher Account Only
 T Animoto – Create video masterpieces from your photos, video clips, and music. *Teachers are eligible for a free Education Plus account. Student accounts are not permitted.  N/A Teacher Account Only
T Blabberize – Blabberize is a very easy application that allows you to create a talking picture using an image you upload. N/A Teacher Account Only
T Blackboard Collaborate –  a web conferencing tool that is a simple, convenient, and reliable online collaborative learning solution. CCPS has a subscritption to this tool. Read the link to find out more about its use.
Teacher Account Only
 T, S Blogs    No E M H
CampusPress (formerly edublogs) Online web-log in which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc., on a regular basis.  District domain.
T – Brainstorm online with Easily create colorful mind maps to print or share with others. N/A Teacher Account Only
 T, S BrainPop/Brain Pop Jr. Subscription based – Animated Science, Health, Technology, Math, Social Studies, Arts & Music, and English movies, quizzes, and activity page. Yes None needed if only viewing content E M H
 T, S Classdojo Yes Yes,
under 13
Classroom management tool that reinforces positive behaviors set by the teacher. Teachers can add students to a class and also upload a student image if a FERPA letter is not on file. Parents can also login to check daily and weekly behavior progress. The attendance feature is not approved for use.
 T, S Classflow Yes Yes,
Under 13
ClassFlow is a cloud-based teaching and learning platform. Create interactive lessons, send them to your students, and get instant feedback. Supports BYOD. Teachers can create a free account, create a classroom, add lessons, invite students to join the class using a code they enter.
T,S ClassFlow DesktopClassFlow Desktop is a powerful new software application from Promethean that makes creating and delivering interactive lessons easier, and it works both offline and online. Yes No E M H
 T, S  Yes Yes,
under 13
E M H encourages all students from K-12 to learn computer science. The site is also an integral component in participating in the Hour of Code initiative that takes place every December. Teachers can create an account and then register their students. Teachers should disable student accounts when no longer in use or at the end of the school year. To watch the YouTube video on the main page of while at school, click here.
 T Codecademy  N/A Teacher Account Only
Codecademy provides an online interactive platform for taking coding classes.
 N/A Comic Creator
Read-Write-Think- Create comics online and print the results.
Yes N/A E M H
T Common Curriculum – Real time, collaborative lesson planning for teachers & schools. N/A Teacher Account Only
T Diigo N/A Teacher Account Only
 When using Diigo, take care when projecting browser content to students as some other Diigo members’ profiles may contain inaccuracies.
T Doodle N/A Teacher Account Only
An easy to use scheduling tool that is approved for adult use only.  Send a poll to invitees to see when they are available for a meeting.  This is a good tool to use for people who are not CCPS employees, or for those who do not maintain a CCPS Outlook calendar.
 N/A  Yes N/A E M H is similar to Piktochart, is used to create infographics. This tool does not require an account but is geared towards older students or staff use. When prompted to create a new drawing, you will want to save diagrams to a device, which will allow you to save to your computer or drive.
T, S Discovery Education Yes No E M H
DE offers a breadth and depth of digital media content that is immersive, engaging and brings the world into the classroom to give every student a chance to experience fascinating people, places, and events. All content is aligned to state standards, can be aligned to custom curriculum, and supports classroom instruction regardless of the technology platform.
T EconEdLinkcontains economics and personal finance lessons for K-12 teachers and students. N/A Teacher Account Only
T, S Edmodo Safe and secure learning networking for teachers, students and parents. District domain Yes Yes E M H
T, S EDpuzzle – This tool allows teachers to upload teacher-created video content and embed notes, quizzes, questions, and highlights for additional instructional opportunity and differentiation. Great for BYOD and flipped classrooms and works within Edmodo. Yes Yes E M H
T eduClipper allows for the creation of visual boards and content collections of other Internet links. This tool is similar to Pinterest. No Teacher Account Only.   
 T Educreations Easy way to create virtual lessons using an online whiteboard, using a computer or mobile device. The lessons can be embedded into an existing website, or the link to the lesson can be shared by email. No Teacher Account Only   
T Flipsnack EDU No Teacher Account Only
Create an online ‘flipping book’ using images you upload or a PDF you have created. The free introductory EDU version has been approved for use in CCPS. Teachers can create a free private teacher account, then upload images in order to make a book  with a maximum of 15 pages. Teachers are responsible to make sure that content uploaded by them or their students does not contain any personally identifiable information. If student-created work is used, be sure to obtain parent permission. Also adhere to any other copyright guidelines for any content you are planning to upload. See your Library Media Specialist if you have further questions.
T Flocabulary No Teacher Account Only
Paid subscription. Flocabulary is an online library of Common Core aligned educational hip-hop songs and videos for grades K-12 that covers current events as well as many content areas. Engages and inspires students. Approved for teachers to purchase a subscription.
T, S GoAnimate4Schools  Yes No E M H
Make videos quickly and easily, without having to draw or download anything. CCPS has approved the use of the paid school account only – NOT the free version.    
T GoNoodleTargeted for elementary classrooms, teachers can play a brief brain break video so kids can get up, move and get the wiggles out!  N/A Teacher Account Only    
T Google Drive and Select Apps – Carroll County has enabled an Organizational GSuite account for all teachers and staff to access MSDE and other Google-housed documents via their CCPS Domain Credentials. You can create a new Organizational G Suite Google account using your CCPS email address and current password. N/A Teacher/Staff Account Only
Installed Google Earth N/A No E M H
Google Earth is an Interactive, real-time virtual map providing satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D building. Requires installation of application. Place a Helpdesk call to have this done by TS if you need it installed on multiple computers.
T, S GoSoapBoxis a powerful, flexible and intuitive student response system which includes polls, quizzes, discussions, barometer. BYOD friendly. Teachers can create an account and add up to 30 students, free of charge.
Yes No E M H
T, S no student account GradeCam– Is a unique tool that allows quick feedback, assessment using printed multiple choice questions (like a scantron) that you can use your CCPS computer and document camera to score and send the data into a gradebook. This a teacher account, but students can be safely added to the teachers account for evaluation. Yes Yes, under 18 M H
T, S –  $$ IXL is an immersive K-12 learning experience that provides comprehensive, standards-aligned content for math, language arts, science, and social studies.  Everyone can try the skill exercises for free, but they’ll be limited to a small number of problems a day. You must be a member to get unlimited practice, tracking, awards, and certificates. Classroom licenses (up to 25 student) – $249.00/calendar year.  Teacher account allows you to add students (first name, last initial) to your roster – IXL then generates a unique username and password. Yes No E M H
T,S Khan Academy –  is a non-profit educational organization that provides free video tutorials and interactive exercises.  Embedded YouTube videos may not play due to our CCPS filter. Teachers should use the Tech Request System to request specific YouTube videos be unblocked. Yes Yes, under 13 E M H
T,S No Student PII Kidblog is a safe, simple blogging tool geared towards elementary and middle school students. Teachers can create a class account and then easily add students (no student PII). Teachers have total oversight over student blogs. For quick tutorials, visit this site.
No No E M H
T, S Kids Discover Online$$ award-winning library of science and social studies material Yes Yes, Under 13 E M H
 T, S Learning A-Z /RAZ Kids  Yes Yes,under 13 E M H
Covering reading, writing and science, this website provides leveled books, printable worksheets, projectable activities and interactive online classroom resources geared towards prek-6th grade students. This site is also recommended for Prek-12 ELL students. There is a free 14 day trial, but then schools/classrooms must pay for a subscription.
T,S LearnZillion is an online database of short video lessons that address learning topics aligned to individual Common Core standards. The lessons cover math, close reading, and some writing standards.
Yes No E M H
T, S
No Student PII 
LiveBindersLiveBinders is an innovative way to curate and share content on the web for teachers and students. Upload documents and videos, or save weblinks so everything is at the tip of your fingers. Use it to organize yourself or share with others.   
 No No E M H
Make Beliefs Comix – Create a comic online and either print it or email it. Attribution is required on the comic for printed comic or for electronic or web use. Comic strips generated at and used in print must include a credit line as follows: This comic strip was generated at Used by permission of author and site creator Bill Zimmerman. Yes – Offline Projects
No E M H
T, S Nearpod is an online tool to create engaging interactive presentations and assessments to launch for students to access. Teachers create their own multimedia presentations or use a growing library of pre-made offerings. BYOD friendly.
Yes Yes, under 13 E M H
T, S Newsela – Provides and opportunity for students to read articles related to content. They will be able to select an appropriate reading level and check for understanding after reading. There is a paid version but it is expensive. Yes Yes,
under 13
 E M H
T, S Office 365 provides web-based versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote as well as 1 TB of storage space for documents to all qualified CCPS staff and students. Click here for more details Yes  No E M H

T, S

No Student PII

Padlet – Online “blank wall” that allows for real-time collaboration.  Teachers should create an account, sign in and create the Padlet and provide the URL to collaborators.  Students should not post their full name or other personally identifiable information when adding content to a Padlet.  Teachers have the ability to delete notes, but should not share Padlets via any other format.  Students may use with parent permission. Here is a video tutorial that explains how to use Padlet.    No Yes E M H
T PBS Learning Media – America’s #1 Educational Media Brand for access to thousands of innovative, standards-aligned digital resources, compelling student experiences, and professional development opportunities. No Teacher Account Only
 T Pinterest No Teacher Account Only
  Social network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting (known as ‘pinning’ on Pinterest) images or videos to their own or others’ boards (i.e. a collection of ‘pins,’ usually with a common theme) and browsing what other users have pinned. Approved for adult staff as long as a user opens an account using their CCPS email address and pins are related to instructional topics.        
 T Piktochart Easily create professional looking infographics. No Teacher Account Only
T $$ Easy way to create and manage lessons online. No Teacher Account Only

T, S


 Playposit offers teachers an easy way to create and share interactive video lessons or use video content from approved video sites with added interactive assessments. Teachers can add questions and interactions to hold students accountable for the content. Great for the flipped or blended classroom, it also integrates with Edmodo and Office 365/OneNote.  Yes Yes, students under 13 E M H
No Student PII posted
Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices. No Teacher Account Only
Poll Everywhere – create a quick poll and share with your audience! The free version is approved for use in CCPS. Teachers are to create an account and set up a poll, students should not post their full name or other personally identifiable information when taking a teacher poll. Teachers are not to grade student poll data. Parent permission is required for student use under 13.
** Poll Everywhere may not be used on personal devices.  It may only be used on CCPS machines.
N/A Yes, Under 13 Teacher Account Only
 T Powtoon for Education N/A Teacher Account Only
Create animated presentations that are engaging and professional looking!  Both the free and the paid versions are approved for use. Be sure you are signing up for the EDU version. For a very brief video overview of Powtoon, click this link.
 T Prezi
Web application that allows for the creation of dynamic, non-linear, “zoom-based” presentations.
 N/A Teacher Account Only
N/A Print Friendly – PrintFriendly cleans and formats web pages for perfect print experience. PrintFriendly removes ads, navigation and web page junk, so you save paper and ink when you print. It’s free and easy to use. Perfect to use at home, the office, or whenever you need to print a web page. N/A No E M H
N/A QR Code Generator – This web based tool will allow you to create and download QR codes without an account. Just add the URL, click Create QR Code and then download to your project.  N/A  N/A E M H
T, S Quia Yes
  Short for Quintessential Instructional Archive provides a wide variety of tools, including templates for creating 16 types of online activities. Great for review of content learned in the classroom. Free 30 day trial, then annual subscription cost is $49.00 per teacher.
 T Quizlet N/A Teacher Account Only
  Teacher-generated online flashcards, games, drag and drop activities. Teachers develop study resources and send links to students. Teachers also now can launch Quizlet Live, a fun, team-based experience where students can work together to match correct answers together. Students should access study resources without logging in. Teachers should ensure that they do not violate copyright from textbook publishers when creating content. Teachers should not share question sets using any other medium.  

T, S

No Student PII

Quizizz allows you to create awesome multiplayer, self-paced quiz games. BYOD friendly. Students should not post their full name or other personally identifiable information anywhere within this tool.
 Yes  No E  M  H
Software Installation Print Shop Deluxe 4.0 – $$ newest version of Broderbund desktop publishing software N/A No E M H
 N/A – Turn a quote into a masterpiece! No account needed; just enter text, select a template, and download the image. Yes – Offline Projects
No E M H
T,S Read TheoryReadTheory provides Lexile-leveled passages to measure student reading comprehension. Questions are formatted similarly to the SRI and can provide teachers and students with practice questions in preparation for the SRI assessment. Explanations of incorrect answers provide students with reasoning that can assist with multiple choice questions. Additionally, online tools, such as highlighting, can give elementary students additional experience in preparation for online assessments.  Yes Yes Under 13 review Parental Information Flyer E M H
T Rubistar – An easy-to-use online rubric generator and repository.  N/A Teacher Account Only
T,S Schmoop$$ Shmoop’s award-winning Test Prep guides include up-to-date content review, hundreds of drills with answer explanations and videos, full-length practice tests, info about the format and scoring of the exam, and strategies for test day. Shmoop’s Online Courses cover dozens of subjects and provide standards-aligned activities, assessments, and grading rubrics
 Yes  Yes Under 13 H
T SchoolTube – K-12 moderated video sharing platform specifically designed for educational use.  N/A Teacher Account Only
 Installed Scratch Yes – Offline Projects
No E M H
Students can program interactive stories, games, and animations. Great tool to introduce the concept of programming for STEM career connections. Approved for installation on CCPS computers, please contact a member of the Instructional Technology Team for more information on installing the software from within CCPS. NOTE: Scratch projects are to be saved to local computers and drives, the tool is NOT approved for uploading projects onto the Scratch website.   
N/A Screencast-O-Matic – online version no longer available N/A No E M H

The online version is no longer available, only the downloadable .exe file which cannot be installed by staff on their CCPS issued computers. Due to the terms of use for the free installation, CCPS is not able to include this in the Software Installation Center. Staff could use the Office Mix add-in to PowerPoint which allows the user to make a screen recording. Right click on the recording to save it as a .mp4 file. You can get the Mix add-in in the CCPS Software Installation Center. If you have technical issues during the installation process, please place a Helpdesk Call.

Staff could also use the Record Video feature in OneNote, but that creates a .wmv formatted video which may not play on every device.



Skype for Business – is a web-based audio and video conferencing tool.  Skype can be used for online collaboration, linking classrooms or schools together, or hosting a virtual guest speaker. Teachers may use Skype in their classroom with student participation. If you have Office 2013 installed on your computer Skype for Business has already been installed.  N/A     Teacher Account Only



maybe $$

Smart Notebookdownloadable software that can be used with interactive whiteboards. There is a limited free version, and an optional paid license to a fuller version. Approved for use to install the Smart Notebook on a teacher computer to allow the teacher to use an interactive whiteboard with activities she/he creates for use in the classroom. It is not reviewed for the purpose of using it with student devices or student accounts, but rather a teacher account only in order to search for online content and develop content to be used in instruction. To install the software, place a Helpdesk request. N/A Teacher Account Only

T, S

CCPS Account

SmartSound – An online music library that provides royalty free music to be used as background music for CCPS related multimedia projects. This resource is for all staff and students of Carroll County County Public Schools. Visit the link for guidelines and login info.   N/A No E M H
T Smore – Create professional flyers and newsletters for free that are view-able on the web and mobile devices. No Teacher Use Only
N/A Snap! – A visual, drag-and-drop programming language that allows you to Build Your Own Blocks.  Snap! runs in your browser. It is implemented using Javascript, which is designed to limit the ability of browser-based software to affect your computer.  CCPS user may NOT create online accounts to store their projects.  These must be saved offline. No No E M H
 T Socrative Yes Yes,
under 13
Socrative is a free student learner response system that empowers teachers to engage students in their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Teachers can register for an account and create their own questions, quizzes or exit tickets and have students join a virtual classroom to respond. There are no student accounts required and the polling can be anonymous or students can create a username that is not personally identifiable. You are able to get reports from Socrative based on student results emailed to you or downloaded in an Excel or a PDF format.
T Spotify is a music steaming services where you can search for any track, artist or album and make playlists for free. To be used only on a computer since the App is not approved. A teacher account will get a system warning about it being an Internet Radio category, but teachers can click on the Continue button to get to the site.  N/A Teacher Account Only
T StarFall –  Starfall has been teaching children to read with phonics for well over a decade. Our systematic approach, in conjunction with audiovisual interactivity is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, special education, homeschool, and English language development. (Pre-K – Second Grade) No account needed to use the site. Teacher Membership has not been approved for use in CCPS. N/A No E
T Storybird Create and enjoy visual stories. Approved for instructional purposes. If using the tool for fundraising, CCPS guidelines for fundraising need to be followed. No Teacher Account Only
T Studyjams – Students may access resources found on the site, but may not create an account N/A Teacher Account Only
 T Studystack N/A Teacher Account Only
Millions of students have used StudyStack to memorize information. StudyStack’s community of students and teachers has shared millions of flashcards. Studystack enables teachers to quickly enter data once and have a dozen different activities created for their students to memorize facts. It could be flash cards, matching, hangman, crosswords and many more. It is recommended that when you create a set that you keep it private and share the URL with your students.  In order to use this tool in CCPS you will have to have a $20/year Teacher Pro account that removes all the advertisements from all users. You will need to contact Studystack directly for this Pro Account. It is recommended that before you start you read the FAQ Section of the webpage to get a better understanding of StudyStack.
N/A  Sumopaint   No E M H
  Sumopaint is an online image editor that can be used without creating an account. Open Sumo and begin to work! You can upload images from your device or from the web, edit using similar tools in other image editing software, and download the finished product in a .png or .jpg format.   
T Symbaloo – Simple start page that allows teachers to organize and share favorite bookmarks and resources visually. Teachers can create a free account and share your “webmix” of tiles with students.  No Teacher Account Only
 N/A Tagxedo – Similar to Wordle, Tagxedo turns words into a cool word cloud of your choice. You can change the look and size of your tagzedo and print it or download a copy of it. Yes – Offline projects
 No  E M H
T Tar Heel Reader – a collection of free, easy-to-read, and accessible books on a wide range of topics. Each book can be speech enabled and accessed using multiple interfaces, including touch screens, the IntelliKeys with custom overlays, and 1 to 3 switches. N/A Teacher Account Only
T TEDEdTED-Ed is TED’s youth and education initiative. TED-Ed’s mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of teachers and students around the world. Everything we do supports learning — from producing a growing library of original animated videos , to providing an international platform for teachers to create their own interactive lessons. N/A Teacher Account Only
T TES ResourcesFree teaching resources, lesson plans, and class support. N/A Teacher Account Only
 T ThingLink  N/A     Teacher Account Only
ThingLink enables teachers to embed content within an image to create a rich storytelling landscape that captures the attention of students.
T Timeglider – A data-driven interactive timeline application. You can “grab” the timeline and drag it left and right, and zoom in and out — much as you would with a mapping app — to view centuries at a time or just hours. You can create event spans so that you can see durations and how they overlap. No Teacher Account Only
No student PII when joining
Today’s Meet is a microblogging backchannel that empowers classroom teachers to generate a discussion, without the interference of raised hands or student disruption.  Teachers should establish classroom guidelines for us and students should not include any PII when joining a classroom session. No No E M H
T TransferBigFiles – site that allows users to transfer and share large files. Teachers or staff must not upload or share any files containing student PII. 100mb free, then $$. No Teacher Account Only
 T, S

TurnItin is now Feedback Studio – High school teachers in ALL CONTENT AREAS can create online classes for evaluating student work for originality and leave constructive feedback throughout the writing process. CCPS currently has a subscription for each high school. Teachers, to get your school code and password, email Laura Doolan at

Visit the Feedback Studio page for more details and resources. 

Teachers and students should read the Usage Policy and agree to the Privacy Pledge.

  Yes, students age 14-17 H
T,S Unity Web Player – The Unity Web Player enables you to view blazing 3D content created with Unity directly in your browser. N/A Installed software
T,S VoiceThread.EduVoice Thread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables users to add images, documents, and videos, and to which other users can add voice, text, audio file, or video comments.  Yes No  E  M H
 T WeGiveBooks (* No longer available* Will post replacement tool if it is approved.) Access ebooks online with an account. There is the ability to earn ‘free books’ for schools, however, careful consideration of any books earned is advised.   No Teacher Account Only
T,S Weebly for Education – Create a classroom website using this easy to use tool. NOTE: Students now have access to Weebly sites on the CCPS network, AND they now have approval to develop a Weebly website within their teacher’s Weebly account. See the linked page for directions. Also the use of the Scribd element in the editor is no longer allowed.
Yes Yes, Under 13 E M H
 T, S Wikis Collaborative online web space where authors can contribute and edit content for project development, group assignments, and group authoring. Yes Yes,
under 13
Wordle – Online tool for creating “word clouds.” Teachers and students may print or use as screenshots.  Do NOT save them to the Wordle gallery online. Yes – Offline projects
No E M H
 T 81 Dash – A secure ‘back channel’ (similar to a chat window) that gives users a secure and private space for real time discussion using the web or on mobile devices, while enabling the teacher to retain control of the conversation. Teachers can create rooms, then either share the room URL with students, or they can create student accounts on a spreadsheet and upload it to their account.   Yes,
under 18
 E M H

Currently Approved Tools Pending Re-Review
These Tools may continue to be used until they are reviewed for compliance to the CCPS Student Data Privacy Policy

 T Toggl – great tool to use in developing a time study of various behavioral interventions for students in the PRIDE program. Subscription based. Teacher Account Only