General Tools

 Link to List of Approved General Tools

The link opens an online spreadsheet which can be searched. You can also download a copy but it is only as current as the date you download it. Over time, we will be adding additional details about each tool, such as the date it was approved and links to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy information.

The spreadsheet will be updated as tools are approved to reflect the current status of many instructional web-based tools, software, and websites. The top portion of the chart show what resources have been reviewed with additional information as to how to safely use the tool. Staff is expected to read the short description and the recommended guidelines and comply with any requirements before using a tool. Prior to beginning any classroom projects that incorporate web based tools, you may need to obtain parent permission (see below) and explain to parents how the online tool will be used in class. Here is a sample letter than can be edited for your own needs:  CCPS Online Resources letter

This spreadsheet provides a listing of many approved web-based tools that may or may not require an account. When a request is made for an online tool that requires setting up student accounts, or when a teacher creates an account and uses an online tool with students, the terms of use and privacy information must be carefully examined to ensure compliance with the CCPS Student Data Privacy Policy, Regulations and Guidelines in order to protect the privacy and safety of our students. This process protects not only our students, but also our staff to ensure that they know how best to safely use an approved tool.  If there is a tool that is not on the list that you would like to submit for review, you may use the Technology Request Center in the TS Portal to enter a request.

The spreadsheet of reviewed tools include the following information in the header row:

Digital Tool The name of the tool and link
Under 13; Over 13; Staff There will be an X under each category if the tool is approved for that group
Parent Permission Required if permission is  required for all student users
Under 13 age at which parent permission is required
Content May Be Used for a Grade If Yes, teachers may affix a grade to content created by students within the tool or grade student content created by the tool. Teachers should retain the graded digital files.
If No, teachers are not to grade any student content created within the tool unless they are able to retain a copy of the graded work to produce to justify the grade, or unless the content is used as a supporting artifact in conjunction with a scoring tool or rubric.
Account Requirements Information to comply with when creating accounts
Description of Tool A description of the tool and any other pertinent information