YouTube EDU

YouTube EDU provides CCPS teachers and staff access to over 700,000 educational videos that are currently available on YouTube educational channels.  YouTube EDU provides access to a broad set of educational videos including academic lectures, professional development material from fellow educators, and inspirational speeches from global thought leaders.  This access allows teachers to browse and use thousands of videos while eliminating the unmonitored aspects of YouTube, like commenting and advertising.  YouTube EDU provides three large categories of video content:  Primary & Secondary Education, Lifelong Learning, and University video content.

Carroll County Public Schools also maintains a separate education channel that provides access to additional YouTube video content that has been approved by content supervisors. Teachers may continue to use the Technology Request Center to request a specific YouTube video that is not available on the YouTube EDU site.  Once the video has been approved by the content supervisor, it will be added to the CCPS Video Content channel.  Note that this channel only provides access to approved YouTube videos, not videos from other providers.


Guidelines for Use

With increased access to online video content, teachers are advised (and reminded) to preview all video content prior to using for instruction.  Please review the recommended guidelines and best practices for instructional use of video.


Teacher Information

 Navigating YouTube EDU

YouTube EDU is organized into three basic categories of video content:  Primary & Secondary Education, Lifelong Learning, and University.

  • Teachers can browse for videos by first selecting the main video category and then browsing by content area.
  • Teachers can select the main video category (in the right navigation area – click on the title of the category) and browse the directory of educational channels and video content available.
  • Teachers can enter search terms at the top of the page to locate appropriate video content.  If the content is blocked, you will be redirected to a Carroll County Public Schools message.  (Videos that are not available on a YouTube EDU channel require supervisor approval via the Technology Request System.)

Teacher Information Navigating CCPS Video Content Channel

The CCPS Video Content channel provides teachers access to YouTube videos that are not available via YouTube EDU.  These videos require supervisor review and approval.

  • Teachers should browse video content by clicking on the Playlists tab and selecting the appropriate content description.
  • The videos are organized in content area playlists.
  • The playlists contain K12 video content for CCPS and not filtered by grade level. Please use discretion when selecting content from the CCPS Video Content channel and preview for grade level appropriateness.

Teacher InformationRequesting Access to a blocked YouTube video:

  1. From outside of CCPS, once you have located a YouTube video to submit, be sure and copy the entire URL, or click the Share button under the video and copy the URL address.  Think about how you would like to incorporate the video into your instruction. You will be asked to justify its use when making your request.
  2. Once within the CCPS network, open the Technology Request Center and click Requests > Add Request.
  3. Select I want to request an Online Video to be Unblocked.
    • Paste the video URL into the Website URL field and click Submit Request.
    • Be sure to select the most accurate Subject and Content Area as that alerts the associated content area supervisor of your request.
    • Complete the questions being as specific as possible.
      Click Submit Request when done.
    • You can revisit the Technology Request System to check on the status of your request.

If your video has been approved and added to the CCPS Video Content channel, please visit the online playlists to access your video.  The playlists have been organized by content area and are not filtered by grade level.  Please use discretion when selecting content from the CCPS Video Content channel and preview for grade level appropriateness.

Please keep in mind that these requests go directly to your content area supervisor
and he/she is responsible for reviewing the content of the requested video.
Please allow plenty of time for them to review your request.