Elmo Wireless Tablet

The Elmo Tablet is the replacement for the Promethean ActivSlate that is no longer available for purchase. To find out purchase information go to the Tech Services Portal. In Tech Purchases select Intelligent Classroom and the information and pricing is there. It works very much like the slate did in terms that this is just a wireless mouse that can be used with any application you have installed on your computer.

This is the back of the Elmo tablet showing the stirage of the pen and the USB stick.The back of the tablet has the storage for the pen and the USB stick that is used to connect the tablet to your computer that is hooked to a data projector.

This it the back of the tablet with the pen and USB laying out of the staorage on the tablet.The pen is not rechargeable, but it does contain one AAA battery. It is recommended that the battery is removed each summer and replaced as needed. The USB stick contains the needed software for the tablet to be used on your computer. Simply plug in the USB stick and wait for the install to complete and then it is ready to use. When not in use for long period keep the pen and USB stick in the storage on the back of the tablet. If you have any issues with the install please put in a HelpDesk request for support.

This picture shows how to charge the Elmo tablet using the provided USB cable to connect to your computer.The Elmo tablet has a similar process to charge the tablet like the 60 series ActivSlate did via a USB cable. This mini USB connection¬† seems more robust and plugs in at the top right of the tablet and then the USB gets plugged into your computer. Remember you will only need to charge it once in a while depending on how much it is used in the classroom. There is no battery indicator so you won’t know how much charge is left so you will have to explore how long it will last. There is a blue light under the word Elmo that is on while it is charging. Once the charge is complete that light will go off.

This is the shape of the pointer when using the Elmo tablet.The screen shot above is the pointer that you’ll see when using the Elmo tablet. It is very small and you’ll need to get used to that fact. Once you are in an application it should act as expected. So as with any new hardware or software practice makes perfect.

The Elmo tools that we cannot use.There are a series of tools on the top of the interactive space on the tablet. They are for the use with the Elmo Document cameras which we do not have, so they will not work for our use. FYI