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Dell s500wi

The s500 is a single touch interactive data projector that uses a smart stylus that needs to be recharged.There is a USB cable that comes with the projector that attaches to the back of the pen then connects to a USB port on your computer. Do not leave this pen plugged in and charging all the time because this will shorten the life of the battery inside the pen. It does not have the capability to calibrate the pen to the board.


User Manual

s500 interactive pen

Dell s510



Quick Start Guide
User Manuals510 interactive pen
The pen drivers need to be installed before the pens will work and once you connect the USB cable for the interactivity you should be prompted to install the software. There should be a CD in the box with the documentation and the drivers. If you have a Dell E 5450 or a Dell E 7240 laptop that has no CD drive here is a link for the Pen Drivers. It is a quick install and a restart will be required.
Once the pen drivers are installed there will be an icon in the system tray that will allow you to calibrate these pens. This is a multi touch interactive data projector that comes with two dummy styluses that do not have have the capability to be recharged. They contain two AAA batteries that will need to be replaced as needed. Make sure to turn the pens off after use to conserve battery life. The pens need to contact the board in order for them to work. If you hold the pen to the board and keep it in one location, that acts as the right mouse click and the menu will appear on the screen.
If you are using ActivInspire and the stylus will not allow you to use the pen tool, you will need to go to File>Settings>Dual Mode ActivBoards and select Touch or Stylus. Click the image below to see the settings. If you don’t see this as a choice, the ActivInspire software will need to be updated.Dual Mode ActivBoard