Copyright-Friendly Resources

This page will contain links to resources that are appropriate to use for staff, teacher and student projects. Please be sure to follow any guidelines  that are described with each resource.

For important information regarding copyright guidelines when using content found on the Internet, read this article: The Internet is Free, Right? What Can You Legally Use?

Audio Resources
SmartSound – an online music library that provides royalty free music to be used as background music for CCPS related multimedia projects. This resource is for all staff and students of Carroll County County Public Schools. Follow the SmartSound CCPS Guidelines for approved uses, as well as directions for logging in and using SmartSound.
  Images Resources
Bing Images – search graphics and images to use in your projects, including those that are in the public domain. Search for an image by keyword, then use the drop down menus to further select images based on size, type, layout and also by License. Images in the public domain can be used and modified without restriction and do not need attribution (no credit needed for the source). Also look for images whose licenses are free to share and use, as well as modify. In those cases, attribution is required. Click the Learn More link for to read about the various licenses and how to give proper attribution for an image in these categories.
Pics4Learning –Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos and images for classrooms, multimedia projects, websites, videos, portfolios, or any projects in an educational setting. Use the Search feature or browse the Collections to locate an image to use, then click the Download Image button and save the image to your system. Some images are quite large, so if you are saving them to your network drive, be aware of drive space limitations.Include the Citation in your project for each resource used.
Multiple Media Resources
Discovery Education – Search for thousands of images, videos, and songs to include in educational projects. Projects in which Discovery Education resources are used cannot be uploaded to the Internet unless the platform used is password protected. For example, can upload to class Edmodo site, password protected blog and private Wikispaces wiki, but may not upload to school website, open blog or wiki, or any other platform which is accessible to anyone outside of CCPS. If you are at home, use your CCPS Direct Access username and current password to login to DE, then input your search terms at the top. A More Options window will open and you can filter your results by grade, subject, and media type.Click the Download button and select the size you need and select Save or Save As to complete the download.Click on the Details button to locate the Citation for the resource to include in your project.
Creative Commons Search – Teachers only – can search for media (images, music, video) to use in projects or download resources to make available to your students. Enter your keyword in the search query box, then select one of the services.Please give attribution according the the Creative Commons guidelines and be aware of the license types and use the resource accordingly.