Making Containers in ActivInspire



There are three types of containers that can be created using the ActivInspire software. Below you will find descriptions of all three types along with short videos for each on how you can create containers on your own. In each video this Containers Unlocked flipchart was used to help assure understanding and it has samples and directions included for all three types. Click the link and Save it before you begin making containers.


Contain Anything – These are like virtual sticky notes that can contain writing using the pen or the highlighter tool. It is important to note that these virtual sticky notes do not check themselves. This is a great tool to have students make notes on theses virtual post it notes and then they can be moved around and organized without losing the content of the notes. Setting them up as drag a copy gives you and indefinite supply. Contain Anything -This video is 5 minutes long and will give you the understanding to create your own.


Specific Objects – These containers are self-checking and can only contain one object (words or pictures). These containers can be easy to make and can be used as part of a centers based approach which allows for the students to self-check. If students are correct the object stays in the containers and if they are wrong they will return to the original spot. Specific Objects – This video is 16 minutes long and will give you the understanding to create your own.


Keyword –These containers can contains many objects (words or pictures) and are also set up to be self-checking making it great for centers. Of the three this is the most challenging container to make, but if you follow the directions carefully you will meet with success. Keyword Containers – This video is 19 minutes long and will give you the understanding to create your own.


**** In the keyword container activity the Subject Resource Pack is required and if your ActivInspire does not have it installed you will need to email me at I will send you a link to get it off one of the network drives. You need to be inside the CCPS school network in order to gain access to the file. Save it to your desktop and once there double click and install it to your Shared Resources. Once the indexing is complete the resource pack is ready to use.