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Feedback Studio (formerly Turnitin) – High school teachers in ALL CONTENT AREAS can create online classes for evaluating student work for originality and leave constructive feedback throughout the writing process. CCPS currently has a subscription for each high school. Teachers, to get your school code and password, email Laura Doolan at





  • Helpful tip if students can’t upload a file: When a student is ready to submit a paper, they should click on submit. Then they title their piece (turnitin won’t accept it without a title). Then they CANNOT click on “choose from this computer” until ALL THREE options appear in the screen. Once they see the Dropbox and other option appear, they should then click on “choose from this computer.” This is true from home, as well.
  • For teachers who need some support using Feedback Studio, watch this recording provided to CCPS teachers:
  • Visit this page for a short, interactive tutorial. When prompted, agree to watch an overview.
  • Here is another great resource from Feedback Studio that gives an excellent overview. See the Notes section for more descriptions. This can be adapted for your classroom. turnitinCCPS PowerPoint.
  • Visit this link to learn about the various ways to enroll students into your course.Note that student CCPS email addresses will not work since they cannot receive email from addresses outside of CCPS.
  • Live Interactive Training, 7pm on selected nights throughout the year:
  • File Types and Sizes that Feedback Studio will accept
  • Instructor Quick Start Guide
  • Help Center

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