Google Earth

Google Earth  is a free, downloadable application that can be used for all age levels that lets you fly anyplace around the world, explore the oceans, other planets, the moon and the sky on a computer and see 3D buildings, imagery and terrain using satellite images from Google. Educators from around the world have created engaging classroom activities that can be used to enhance your classroom lessons.

Guidelines for Use

Please read the Google Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy.

Best Practices – Curriculum Connections

  • Teachers can set the scene for geography, history, literature, astronomy and many other lessons.
  • Lessons, tours and projects can be be saved in Google Earth as “.kmz” files and also shared with others.
  • Google Lit trips can provide a fascinating look at the places that characters from famous literature travel on the surface of Google earth.
  • Many more ideas can be found on this page – check it out!

Teacher InformationGetting Started

  • Download and install Google earth (It’s free and approved by Technology Services).
  • The download will install the application on your computer. Launch the program and spend some time learning about all the features and functions of it. This site is geared especially for educators and includes tutorials, lesson plans, and answers to frequently asked questions: Google Earth for Educators

Equipment Needed

  • Computer with internet access
  • Data projector for teacher-directed use of Google Earth
  • Google earth uses a fair amount of bandwidth, so you may want to consider docking your machine to allow for a hard-wired connection
  • If you plan to have students use Google Earth at individual workstations, you will need it installed on those machines. Google Earth is not part of the image for student computers. Also keep in mind that multiple students using Google Earth simultaneously might negatively impact the speed of the school’s network.

ISTE Standards•S 

Tutorials and Resources