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Office 365 & OneDrive

All CCPS staff and students have access to Office 365. Office 365 makes it possible to create and/or access your documents and files from web browsers and across any device without having to install Microsoft Office software.  You will have access to the following online versions: Word, Excel, Excel Surveys, PowerPoint, and OneNote. 

In addition to cloud-based Office 365, your account will provide you one terabyte (1,024 GB) of cloud-based storage entitled OneDrive.  OneDrive is your default landing page when you login to Office 365 and will display your online files.

Staff: Click here for directions to get started with Office 365/OneDrive.

You can access your Office 365 account from either , from the TS Portal Office 365 icon or from the CCPS website under Quicklinks.

Students: Click here for more information and directions on how to access Office 365 and OneDrive. Tech Services has also prepared this User Guide for Students:

You can access your Office 365 account from this link:

Teachers: Using the TAC to Get Student Email Lists for Sharing Using the TAC to Get Student Email Lists for Sharing – This guide will give you directions to get all your student email addresses in one location.


Here is a OneNote lesson resource for introducing Office 365 to your students.

Students: At the close of the student’s senior year it is their responsibility to back up any work they have stored on their Office 365/OneDrive account to an external device before graduation. If they wait their credentials will become inactive and the contents are lost. This also applies to students who are leaving CCPS at any time during the year.This set of directions will walk you through the process for both student and staff. Backing Up Your OneDrive on an External Device

Staff: For all staff, Technology Services recommends in News Article 176 on Office 365 that you are responsible for backing up the contents of your cloud based storage in your One Drive as well.



Office 365

Office 365 – online versions of Microsoft applications


OneDrive – 1 TB storage

Microsoft Office  suite & APPS for Personal Devices – Free Downloads

Office 365 Education includes Office 365 ProPlus which allows staff to download and install the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite on up to five personal computers and mobile devices for free.

CCPS is also pleased to offer all employees the ability to install Office 2013 on their personal devices.  Click here  to begin the process of installing the newest version of the Microsoft Office Suite of tools on your personal devices. It is recommended that you read and follow the directions from the Installation and Support Guide found on the page. Please DO NOT install on a CCPS issued device. You have up to five free installations to use on your personal computers and mobile devices.


Microsoft Office Suite 2013
Installation Directions for your CCPS Machine

You are now permitted up update the version of Microsoft Office on your CCPS domain machine.  This updated software has a similar look and feel to Office 2010, but you will want to review the directions for saving to your CCPS – OneDrive account since Office 2013 integrates with your cloud-based storage through the File menu.

Please review the directions and follow them carefully.  If you do not feel comfortable following these directions to complete your software update, you may enter a HelpDesk request and a technician will assist you.

Microsoft Office 2013 Installation Directions – Read over these instructions carefully before starting this process. The needed link to the install is below.

Copy and Paste this into the Start Menu:  \\intranet\pub\Off2013\DT-MSI x86\setup.exe

Windows 8 Computers – On the desktop of the computer there is a window icon in the lower left of the monitor. Right Mouse click there and drag to select Run and Paste the .exe file there.

To help you use Microsoft Office on your various devices, the following tutorials are valuable:

Microsoft Office Training – Office 2013 Training videos, tutorials, and 15-minute webinars

Office 2013 Quick Start Guides



Be sure to visit our Microsoft Office Tips page for FAQ’s, Tips and other info.

Microsoft Office 2013


CCPS is excited to provide these new resources to our staff.  CCPS has worked to customize the experience and access in Office 365 to best meet our needs.  In order to support you and your needs, please add your question and professional development needs below. Our team will use your feedback to build this resource site with the tutorials and tips to best meet your needs.

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