onenote-amazon-app-store-100361701-largeOneNote is a robust application that is part of the Office Suite and installed on CCPS machines.  OneNote works like a digital “notebook” or binder that is organized by sections (tabs) and pages.  Notebooks can contain text, images, URL hyperlinks, digital annotations, audio, videos, and files from other applications.  OneNote is a great way to keep yourself organized in a digital manner.

OneNote Online is also available as one of your Office 365 apps and allows for online viewing of OneNote notebooks.  This “light” version of OneNote does not provide the same functionality nor does it support internal page-to-page or section-to-section link navigation.  Users who access a notebook using OneNote Online will also be prompted to download each attachment. Click on the link for detailed information about OneNote and OneNote Classroom notebooks. This link is only available on the CCPS network.

Directions for Re-Opening OneNote Notebooks on a new machine and/or after being re-imaged.


onenoteAs CCPS curriculum is revised, curriculum materials will be made available in the format of OneNote to assist with ease of navigation and quick access to support materials. Click here for a brief video on how to access your CCPS curriculum via OneNote.  Curriculum is designed for teachers to open and navigate within the installed application of OneNote (navigating it using OneNote Online is not the preferred curriculum experience).

  • Once you access your curriculum OneNote notebook and select “Edit in OneNote,” the Office Suite version of OneNote that is installed on your machine will open and create a direct link to your curriculum notebooks.  Once this link is established for you, you will be able to access your notebooks from the “bookshelf” in OneNote and you will not need to return to where the notebook is stored to receive updates for that notebook.
  • OneNote “syncs” your notebooks from their stored locations automatically and the titles of the notebooks will appear BOLD if there are any updates to that notebook since the last time you have opened it.  In addition, section names or page names will appear BOLD to help you navigate to those changes.
  • NOTE:  When you change your Active Directory password, your notebooks will require about 24 hours to refresh that password in order to continue “syncing.”  You do not need to do anything during this period, but your notebooks will appear with RED Xs and you will be prompted with the following message:password-errorThis will resolve itself once your password to Active Directory refreshes with your Office 365 account.

Creating your Own Notebooks

To create your own notebook within OneNote, you will most likely want to use the installed application of OneNote on your computer. This will provide you with the most functionality for your notebook.  If you save your new notebook to your CCPS Office 365 OneDrive account, you will then have the option of sharing your notebook with other staff members or students.

  • File – New – OneDrive – Carroll County Public Schools – Browse (select the OneNote folder that you would like to save your new notebook in).


  • You will then be prompted to Invite Others to your notebook (or not now).  You may choose to invite others and provide either View rights or Edit rights.  You CAN NOT restrict the sections that these rights extend to.
  • You can share your notebook using File – Share as well.
  • Creating a notebook in this manner will add your notebook to the Notebook Shelf in OneNote.  You can now toggle between notebooks using the drop-down list of notebooks on your Notebook Shelf.

Online Teacher Scenarios for using OneNote

OneNote 2016 Quick Start Guide


Creating your First OneNote – Video Tutorials


Class Notebook – An Office 365 APP

Within your Office 365 account, there is an app titled Class Notebook that can be used to create OneNote notebooks that have unique rights and sections for use in the classroom.  When this app is used to CREATE the OneNote notebook, the following three subsections are automatically created for each student in the class:

Content Library
○ A read-only notebook where teachers can share handouts with students.
○ Students can only read — i.e. pull from — the Content Library. They cannot edit.
○ Teachers can read and write to the Content Library.

Collaboration Space
○ A notebook for everyone in your class to share, organize, and collaborate.
○ Everyone can read and write to the Collaboration Space

Student Notebooks
○ A private notebook shared between the teacher and each individual student.
○ Teachers can read and write to all student notebooks
○ Students cannot see other private section groups outside their own.

Once you create the notebook using this App, you can open the notebook within the OneNote application and it will appear on your Notebook Bookshelf as well.  Once created, the notebook works within the application.  The OneNote Add-In will allow you to easily copy pages to individual student notebooks, create new student sections, and even check student work quickly. This add-in is available to install from within the Class Notebook app in your Office 365 account.

NOTE:  Students will most likely be accessing your notebook from the light version of OneNote Online (since they are not using an assigned computer where they can open within OneNote (Office Suite application).  To alleviate frustration for students, you will want to add your content TO THE PAGE as text or images and NOT as attachments.  Students can not interact with content easily that needs to be downloaded and opened.  Simply copy and paste your content to the page so that students can see it or interact with it online.  (Hint:  Placing text in opposite rows of a table makes for a great interactive handout with space for students to complete).

  • You should remove students from your Class Notebook once your course is completed so that the “collaboration space” is not still accessible when it is not being for instructional purposes.
  • Make sure that you use the Add/Remove Students portion of the Class Notebook app to manage students.  Do NOT use the File-Share option as this will not provide proper access and rights to this type of notebook.

class-notebookOnline Teacher Scenarios for using OneNote

Getting Started with Class Notebook – Directions

OneNote Add-In User Guide



If you experience synching issues with your OneNote (installed version), here are a few tips to try:

  • Is there anything in the OneNote Recycle Bin? (History – Empty Recycle Bin)  If your notebook is shared with others, content in the recycle bin can cause issues.
  • Check to make sure that you are still connected to “Connected Services” in File – Account. You should see OneDrive – CCPS. If you want, you can always select sign out and sign back in. This will reset your connection if there was a problem.
  • If you have a corrupt section, another option is to right click on the section title and make another copy of the section and delete the original copy.
  • When you right click on the name of the notebook on your Notebook Shelf and check the “sync status,” there is usually a message that provides insight as to the area of the notebook that is causing the syncing issue.
  • Remember that when you change your password in Active Directory, it takes about 24 hours for that to sync with your Office 365 account.  During that time, you will see Red Xs on your Notebook Shelf.
  • Do not open the same notebook in the Office 365 OneNote online version AND the installed version of OneNote at the same time.  Microsoft thinks that two different users are editing the page at the same time and this can cause “Page Conflicts” that will prevent syncing.