Edmodo is a secure, closed social learning site made for communication between teachers, students and can be made available to parents. It provides an engaging platform for blended learning and safe, productive networking.  Teachers can interact with their students or other professionals, embed videos and other types of content, and join groups of other professional educators across the globe.

Please Note:  the apps found within Edmodo have not yet been approved for use with students.

Guidelines for Use

Carroll County has its own subdomain to the Edmodo platform, http://carrollk12.edmodo.com, which is to be used for all school or district-related instructional purposes. In order to create a teacher account for use with students or other teachers in Carroll County, please contact a member of the Instructional Technology Team for the appropriate school code and further directions.

Adult staff may use Edmodo for professional learning communities, school improvement team sharing, connecting with colleagues, or to join other Edmodo communities around the globe. Before using the tool with students, you will need to have written parent permission for each student and the parent or guardian must read the Terms of Service. An example of a parent permission form is included in the Planning Steps and the Resources sections,. please revise it for your classroom use.

Teacher InformationPlanning Steps

  1. Think about how you plan to use Edmodo, whether for professional growth, classroom collaboration, or both.
  2. Review the Edmodo Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, especially as they relate to student use of the tool.
  3. Follow the recommendations for Safety Best Practices and for developing expectations and classroom guidelines for the use of Edmodo with students.
  4. Visit the Quick Guides to Edmodo page to select your grade level and get tips to how to use Edmodo with students as well as how to introduce your students and parents to Edmodo.
  5. Communicate your plans with your building level administrator and/or supervisor, especially if you plan to use this tool with students.
  6. Prepare a parent approval letter if using the tool with students. You may use this Edmodo Parent Permission Letter and revise it for your use. Edmodo requires that you also provide the parents a copy of the Edmodo Privacy Policy, and that you retain letters of permission and provide them to Edmodo if requested.

Best Practices – Curriculum Connections


Getting Started – Teachers

  1. After reading the information on this page, contact the Instructional Technology Team for a school code.
  2. Once you receive your school code, go to: http://carrollk12.edmodo.com/home and sign up for a Teacher account. You will need to input a username (can be your choice), password, and email address (please use your CCPS email address), first and last name. Do NOT share the school code with students.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Edmodo environment by completing your profile, adjust personal settings, join a subject or content community to make connections and share ideas.
  4. Visit the Edmodo Help Center – Classroom Rollout Resources to learn more about using the Edmodo platform.

Student InformationGetting Started with Students

  1. Complete the steps above.
  2. Send home parent permission letters and a copy of the Edmodo Privacy Policy and use the tool only with students who have returned the letter to you. Keep the permission letters in the event Edmodo requests them.
  3. Create a group for the classes you are using with Edmodo and add some content. If you need help, view the resources listed at the bottom of this page.
  4. Invite students to join the Carroll County Edmodo site (https://carrollk12.edmodo.com) as a student using your unique group code (NOT the school code). They can create their own accounts, but they are NOT required to enter their personal email. Since this is a secure closed site, they can input their first and last names as well as a username of their choice. If students do not add an email address and they forget their username or password, you can reset their password for them.
  5. Once all of your students have joined your group, lock the group code to prevent anyone else from joining. The group code will be locked automatically after 2 weeks but you can reset it if necessary.
  6. Monitor group membership to ensure only students in your group have joined.
  7. If any students leave your class, please remove them from your group.
  8. You may wish to go to Group Settings > Advanced Options and check the boxes to Default all new members to read-only until you have an opportunity to discuss the posting expectations with your students. You may also want to Moderate all Posts and Replies which will require you to approve all postings before they are visible to other students. More directions for managing your groups can be found here.
  9. Always login through our CCPS subdomain, http://carrollk12.edmodo.com/home
  10. For more help on using Edmodo, refer to the Resources links below.

 Equipment Needed

  • Computer with Internet access
  • CCPS Edmodo  is also available outside of the school network.

ISTE Standards•S (formerly the NETS )

Tutorials and Resources

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