A New Year Begins!

The 2014-15 school year is off to a great start with a lot of new programs and initiatives. Our goal for this in the media center is to make connections. We hope to connect you with the information you need, to the people who can make a difference in your life, and to the resources that will help you succeed.  Hopefully this blog will reach more readers and be just one more way to connect. If you have stopped by the media center yet, please do. We welcome Mrs. Evans to the media staff as our new media clerk. We also have a lovely new “amber glow” brighten up the space. Stop by and say hello and be sure to come check out this blog from time to time, too.

A Collection of Summer Haikus

Written by Sabrina B.

School’s finally done

All classes are completed

Summer has begun


Running out the doors

Smiles light up our faces

Laughing in delight


Traveling all over

Discovering new places

Enjoying the world


Enjoying the sun

Without a care in the world

Relaxing freely


Going to bed late

And waking up really late

Catching up on sleep


Going to the pool

Lounging around all day long

Not wanting an end


But in a few months

Come fall, we have to go back

To school and classes


To tests and quizzes

To projects, tough presentations

To making lunches


Having to wake up

Way before the sun rises

It’s Monday morning


As we sit in school

We will remember summer

The good times we had


Longing for next year

It’s day one, we want summer

Can’t wait till next June


Wishing for summer

Why do we wait for summer?

Each day dawns anew


Each day is special

We’re learning different things

Everyday of our lives


Not a one time thing

Learning isn’t just for school

Everyday counts.

Untitled by Mason B.

My name is Pavel I am an adult man. This is my story of getting home. In 2006 I came to America away from my home in the Czech Republic. I was in need of work and I knew no English on the plane I only carried my clothes on my back and 15,000 in American currency. Upon arrival in New York I got a book of English that was made to teach English I put it into my pack as I went on to hail a taxi. I took the taxi to New York City, where I was told that there were good paying jobs. I decided to sleep in a bus stop for a while and rest. As I awoke I found my pack was gone that contained all my money and all my spare clothes, but worst of all was in my pack was the little English book.  Now I was truly lost and alone in NYC. After days of me begging for food, and searching for help to find the embassy. No one spoke my native tongue, that or the little Russian I knew. But I was saved by a few Americans who did take the time to save me.

I wonder if I am doomed to this life of sitting at this street lost with no way of doing anything. It’s only been a day since I was robbed. I need to find the embassy but I am so lost. I have been walking for days now and all the money I have was from strangers. I have been going to places with food on the windows and completely unaware of how to get a slice of pizza. All I did was point and hand the person all my money hoping they won’t cheat me. I am sleeping under a bridge now with some other people who are homeless. But I am not like them I went to school I know how to read and write just not this god damn English.

I am going crazy now I don’t know how to tell people how I feel I want out of this country, why me why why why. God how I hate America with their words and signs I can’t understand anything. I run at a random man walking with a phone “HELP ME!” I scream at him “HELP ME! PLEASE UNDERSTAND ME!” he runs away yelling I sink down to my knees in defeat.

This is my life now and soon I will die alone. I lay in an alley exhausted; I have been walking forever in hope of seeing the embassy with words I understand. I dose off no happy dreams tonight, I feel the kick into my side as I jump awake. Then I see the knife a shadow of a man stares at me and doesn’t move, I look back hoping he would just stab me and end it all. He sees me look at his knife and leans close and smiles. My only shoes get ripped off as he has the knife tip on my chest. I can’t move up as he removes my shoes. I close my eyes knowing I can’t walk anymore I am now stuck. He walks away and I roll myself back to sleep sobbing.

The American stared at me with money in his hands speaking English that I could not understand. I reached for his offering and said “thank you” as I took the money. He did not understand me and continued to speak English to me. I said “Russian” one of the only American words I knew. He made a motion to stay here and wait for him as he walked away. I didn’t care, where would I have to go. I have been trapped in this country for weeks and I am barely surviving. I miss my family I left promising to come back richer than before. I waited for hours and begged some more only getting a few dollars. As I saw the same man comes back with a woman this time. “Hello.” she said in perfect Russian. My eyes gaped open in this familiar language “Hello thank you.” I replied I began to get very excited and started crying. “Who are you?” she asked. I began to tell my story the best I can from what happened to me. I held back everything in me to jump up and hug her. “Come with me” she said. I followed her and the man to her car.

They took me to a hotel and gave me lots of food. I stared in the mirror at a man’s face I did not recognize. My face now covered in dirt and grime. A beard I did not want like a bush stuck on my face. The hair I did not want on the top of my head I looked horrible. I took a long hot shower and looked back at the man in the mirror. He looked nicer but still unfamiliar. I slept in the hotel on a bed that was clean and soft. I was feeling happy again to be rescued by these people.

The morning after the man had a few other men with him. They handed me coffee and I smiled at them and they grinned back. They beckoned me to come with them to a taxi. I arrive at a place with a barber and I see the girl who knew Russian there. “Who were you when you came?”  She asked. It took me a little while to figure out what she meant, as I notice the man with scissors and that this is a barber shop, he started lathering up my beard and went to work. I am glad to rid my face of the hair underneath my chin. As the man finishes shaving it all off. I point at one of the man’s friends with a bald head. Everyone laughs including the barber as he cuts the last of the hair on my head. I look back at myself and I smile broadly, this is the man I once was. I feel so happy when we get back to the hotel.

While I am there I talk about my home and my brother who I lived with and how he was worried that I went to America. I talked about my sister in law and my nephew and niece. Mostly about what my life was and what made me think going to America would make things better. I saw one of the guys hold something out to me a small piece of paper. I grabbed it and looked at it upon in pure happiness, a plane ticket home to where my family was where my life was.

I went to sleep that night with a pure smile on my face making plans on what to do when I get home. So many things to see my family and friends I left behind. Eat the food there and to get myself back to my normal state of mind.

Day light broke through my window as I rose from bed. I look to the ticket on my night stand it’s there. This is my salvation, literally my ticket home. I went to kitchen and saw the man I first met on the couch asleep his girlfriend was on the only other bed besides mine. I smile seeing them they saved me. I owe my life to them and I am leaving soon and won’t be able to repay them. I go to the fridge and find some eggs and bacon. At least I can make them breakfast. I crack a bunch of eggs into a bowl and start beating them, when I finish I get a 2 pans 1 for the bacon and 1 for the eggs. I put butter on 1 can let it start to heat up the other I carefully lay strips of bacon on. I keep cooking and the smell of bacon fills the air, if one thing most people share is the love for good greasy pork. They start waking up one by one and smile as they set their places at the table I serve them and we all share a nice breakfast I asked the nice girl to translate. “Thank you, my life on the streets has been very difficult I was without help every day was a struggle and you pulled me from that. I had lost all hope at some moments and wanted to be gone. Thank you I am forever grateful.” She finished and I looked at their faces as she repeated. They all started tearing up and they all came to hug me. We all shared a huge hug for a while. I said my goodbyes and went down stairs with them I got on a taxi with just me and the girl. When we got the JFK Airport she gave me a hug and a map of where to go and I said for the last time thank you and went to boarding. I had no luggage. And I got on the plane and into my seat, I am going home.

Toast by Anonymous

Two perfectly browned pieces of

whole wheat bread emerge from

the toaster. Thick spoonfuls of

peanut butter immediately melt

onto the toast, beckoning the

thin banana slices to join it.

After nine perfectly round slices

were delicately pressed on the bread, the

chocolate chips practically sprinkle

themselves over the work of art.

The masterpiece slowly dissolves

into my mouth; each bite bringing

instant satisfaction.

Life as we knew it by Susan Beth Pfeffer

When an asteroid hits the moon and brings it closer to Earth, life in Northeastern Pennsylvania will never be the same again. Tides change, leaving half of the world underwater and the rest fighting for whatever heat, power, and food can be found. Miranda and her family are forced to find a way to survive when their world has been turned upside down. Written in the form of a diary, this realistic sci-fi novel makes you wonder- would you survive, or be stuck hoping for things to return to life as we knew it?

The Chamber of Five by Michael Harmon

Who rules the school? Jason Wetherby knows the answer to this question, but can he in good conscious join the bullies who have absolute power and authority at Lambert School for the Gifted?  The Chamber of five has resorted to physical violence and if Jason decides to buck the system will he survive?  This skinny suspenseful read will keep the reader entertained trying to figure it all out.

Freaky Green Eyes by Joyce Carol Oates

This signed by the author edition is a hidden gem in the media center.   Part diary and part mystery the novel tells the story of Frankie Pearson and the events that change her life forever. Her family appears to be well off.  Her father  is a celebrity sports personality, and her mother plays the role of a happy corporate spouse.  But all is not as it appears and lurking below the surface is a danger.  Can Frankie find the courage to speak the truth? What is the truth? Did her mother run off and leave the family or is there a different more sinister reason for her disappearance?   Find out in this quick and suspenseful read.

City Of Thieves by David Benioff

City of Thieves by David Benioff

Set in World War II in Russia during the siege on Leningrad the novel follows two characters who end up on a quest to obtain a dozen eggs for a wartime wedding.  Eggs of course are nowhere to be found as the population is starving and the Germans are closing in. This is a war book. It will appeal to those who like to read about the gritty horrors of war in a narrative. It will appeal to those who like to read about the gritty horrors of war in a narrative. Be prepared for imagery that will stay with you and even perhaps haunt you as you follow along in the quest not only for eggs but also for survival.